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There’s no end to the books and tapes that promise ways to help you get more done in your day and “reclaim your life.” But even with all of the information out there, nothing seems to change for you: You still feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get your work done — or even to do the personal things you want to do.

Integra Workshops understands this dilemma. Chances are, it’s as much of a problem for your employees as it is for you. If achieving work/life balance, maximum productivity and efficiency were as simple as reading a book or watching a video, everyone would be doing it.

Integra’s unique and effective combination of classroom instruction and individual business coaching is guaranteed to increase productivity and reduce stress - at home and at work. Our certified coaches will show you and your employees how to master personal organization, decision making, planning, prioritization, and how to control your workload.

Integra guarantees that you’ll see improvements after the very first day. Some participants report that they have recovered as much as nine hours per week. Who couldn’t use another nine hours to get things done, or to do something he or she enjoys?

With Integra Workshops, everyone benefits: employers, managers, and employees. Guaranteed. Companies like Pfizer, JPMorgan Chase and Toyota have already learned the secrets from Integra. Now let us show you.

Find out now by letting us rate the effectivness of your workflow habits!
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